What Is The Glitter Conspiracy Theory Taking The Internet By Storm?

As we learn more about the strange and secretive operations of the glitter industry, we have more questions. We have a glitter shortage, and why doesn’t the #1 consumer of glitter worldwide want the public to know who it is? Across the internet and on TikTok, it’s become a favorite topic of discussion. In case you’re not familiar with the glitter conspiracy theory, here is what we know so far.

Who makes glitter?

Both companies are located in New Jersey. One of the companies is Meadowbrook Inventions, the original Meadowbrook Inventions, who are described as “a very private company” by the New York Times in an email correspondence. Glitterex is the second company I would like to mention.

As far as glitter production is concerned, there is a very secretive air surrounding it. In fact, the companies do not even want their clients to know the exact process used to make this sparkly substance.

Is the world running out of glitter as conspiracy theory claims?

Glitter shortages have been reported, but the secretive and complex nature of the glitter industry makes it difficult to determine what’s happening and where it’s going.

This story was first reported by the New York Times in 2018. Journalist Caity Weaver spoke with representatives from Glitterex, one of the two world’s leading glitter manufacturers, to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. According to the company’s founder, Babu Shetty, the process of making glitter was hidden even from their clients.

The biggest consumer of glitter wants to remain anonymous

Weaver asked a representative of Glitterex which industry provided the company with its biggest market. In response, the representative said she couldn’t reveal who it was.

It would never occur to you. She explained, “Let’s just leave it at that.”. Why was this secrecy necessary? It’s because they don’t want anyone to know it’s glitter.

She replied, ‘No, not really’, when asked if you would know the product contained glitter.

So, to put it another way, there is an industry that uses a majority of the glitter produced by one of the world’s two glitter companies. And, despite this, they have taken great pains to ensure that no one knows that their items contain glitter, and that the products are not easily identifiable as glittery. The more you try to understand how this industry works, the fewer answers you seem to be able to find.


There is a popular theory on reddit that the mystery industry could perhaps be the boat industry, which is one of the most popular theories.

Many of the companies in the boating industry believe that glitter is incorporated into the paint that is used on boats, and the industry feels the need to distance itself from glitter in order to preserve a traditionally masculine image of their products.

However, as TikTokker @maxedoutmommy points out, there are some holes in this theory which need to be addressed. In the world of automotive paints, glitter is not a secret. It has been used for a while now. Furthermore, this glitter has a very high visibility, which makes it very eye-catching.

I was told by the Glitterex representative that you would not easily be able to detect that the product contained glitter because the glitter is not easily visible. Therefore, it appears to be more likely that it is something else rather than a virus.

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