Is Consumer Electronics Appliances a Good Career Path?

The consumer durables industry is one of the highly-demanded industry that has a range of positions. For finance professionals, to marketing associates there’s numerous professions that can be suitable for both entry-level and skilled individuals. If you’re looking for working in the field of Consumer durables it may be beneficial to find out more about the field.

This article we’ll discuss the path to a career for those working in consumer durables as well as the best way to get an employment in this field and the jobs you might be interested in.

How do you define consumer-friendly products?

The term “consumer durables” is used as a broad word that refers to a wide variety of goods and services that are commonly utilized by consumers. Some examples of these are:

  • Appliances for the home
  • Electronic gadgets and other accessories
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Furniture
  • Motorized vehicles

Are consumer durables a viable job?

The industry of consumer durables which is sometimes referred to as durable products offers a variety of career paths that are suitable for all types of people, regardless of experiences and interests. Since there are a variety of careers to choose from there are a variety of possibilities that match various interests and salary expectations. While each role in the field of consumer durables can be different and unique, they all offer a variety of advantages, including skills growth, on-the-job training, and progression in your career.

5 reasons to consider the career path of a consumer-oriented professional

To determine if choosing to work within this area is the right choice for you, take a look at the following benefits:

  1. Paying well-paying jobs According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for jobs in the consumer durables sector across the U.S. is $63,360 per year.
  2. Many career options Many career opportunities: As we’ve mentioned in the article, you can find a variety of jobs in this field which is mainly due to the ever-growing demand for consumer durables. If you’re creative and mathematically skilled, or intelligent, and so on it shouldn’t be a big difficulty finding a suitable job in the field of consumer durables.
  3. Career growth opportunities are encouraged A majority of entry-level jobs within consumer durables offer great chances to climb the career ladder and eventually be promoted to a higher paying, more lucrative position. For example, if you start out as a marketing assistant for products and you eventually be promoted to a position as a manager of product marketing or director.
  4. Job security is guaranteed due to the ever-growing need for consumer durables there is a lack of job opportunities is not likely. Therefore, jobs in this sector are secure and won’t be going away in the near future.
  5. Employee benefits: As the majority of the consumer durable businesses are large corporations that offer a range of employee benefits that are inclusive including health insurance, on the job training programs and paid family leave and retirement benefits plans.

8 Consumer durables jobs

There are numerous unique jobs in the field of consumer durables that are suitable for all abilities and entry-levels. As consumer durables have numerous positions, looking for the ideal one could be a difficult task. To you narrow down your options and pinpoint the right job for your needs and desires make sure you look at the following roles in consumer deliverables:

1. Quality Control Manager

The national average salary is $92,224 per year

The primary responsibilities of a quality control manager makes sure that the brand of consumer durables offers products that are consistently top-quality. To achieve this an quality controller is accountable to oversee the production and development procedures of the products, as well as making sure that the quality of the product is aligned with the requirements of its target customers.

2. Marketing manager

The national average salary is $73,525 per annum

Principal responsibilities: Marketing managers oversee marketing strategies and the materials for a particular product or service. The main duties of this position includes conducting market research in order to learn about the consumer’s preferences and trends as well as developing marketing strategies, making an annual marketing budget, and overseeing the development of marketing material.

3. Sales representative

Average national salary: $68,157 per year

Principal duties: A sales representative is a entry-level job that requires a an in-person presentation to convey the products or services of the company to its customers. The primary tasks of this job include negotiation with customers on sales and achieving or exceeding the sales goals, distributing offers and quotes to potential buyers, and preparing monthly and weekly sales reports.

4. Sales manager

Average national salary: $75,765 per year

The primary responsibilities of a sales manager typically is responsible for hiring, firing and educating sales reps. They help trainees develop their experience in sales by providing individualized instruction, so that the new team members know how they can fulfill their duties as an agent for sales. The job also involves drafting strategic sales plans, and then analyzing relevant sales data to identify what products or services are performing well and which are losing interest from consumers.

5. Product designer

Average national salary: $114,707 for the year.

The primary responsibilities of product designers are accountable for the design process that creates an organization’s product. It is their job to find areas of need and then create products that provide the most effective solution to these issues, with an final goal of providing satisfaction for users. Designers of products often work with other team members such as engineers or developers, as well as researchers to design product concepts as well as physical prototypes.

6. Strategy consultant

Average national salary: $93,183 per year

The primary responsibilities of strategy consultants are to evaluate the business practices of an organization and come up with specific strategies and recommendations for reducing expenses, for example in order to assist an organization increase its efficiency and achieve its goals. This job requires collecting market data, identifying trends, and defining the company’s markets to create efficient and effective business strategies.

7. Financial manager

Average national salary: $ 103,442 annually

The primary responsibility of finance managers is to oversee that the finances are in good shape for businesses. The main tasks of this job consist of conducting analysis of data and financial reports, managing investment activities, and preparing long-term and short-term financial plans for an organization. Finance managers make use of their knowledge to present senior business leaders with ideas and strategies for maximizing profits.

8. Product marketing assistant

The national average salary is $52,968 per year

Principal duties: A marketing assistant is a entry-level job that requires aiding managers and teams in marketing in conducting market research, running regular marketing programs, preparing marketing materials and the design of strategies for marketing. The position is responsible for ensuring that all phases of product marketing are well coordinated and operate smoothly.

Tips to get an entry-level job in the field of consumer durables

For more information on how to increase your chances of being hired learn the key tips:

  • Make sure you’re qualified: The majority of employers in consumer durables would prefer candidates with an appropriate bachelor’s degree, because of the particular as well as technical requirements for these positions. Employers usually state their preference for qualifications in the job description.
  • Gain experience in the workplace If you want to ensure that you have a skillset that is compatible with the job you’re interested in Consider applying for internships that are relevant to gain experience in the industry. When you have completed an internship, you’ll be able to have a more impressive resume, with a range of capabilities that correspond to the job you’re seeking.
  • Make sure you submit a well-written cover letter: Sending your job application with a clear and professional cover letter that recognizes the company’s core values will ensure that you stand out among other applicants, increasing chances of employers inviting you to an interview.

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