Why Should Computer Classes Be Mandatory in High School?

In terms of projected growth, computer and information technology jobs have the fastest average growth rate of any occupation. It is essential for high school students to learn the basics of computer skills in order to prepare themselves for these jobs and others when they graduate, as well as other jobs when they become employed.

Parents Believe It Is Important

According to Code.org’s “Why Computer Science in K-12” presentation, 90 percent of parents are in favor of their children learning computer science as part of their educational program. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, about 85 percent of Americans believe that a detailed understanding of how computers work is important for an individual to have a successful career. 

By contrast, only 40 percent of schools teach computer programming as part of their curriculum. From these numbers, it’s clear that parents believe computer classes during high school are of great value to their children.

Students Enjoy the Subject More Than Others

In order to keep kids engaged in and successful in their learning, it is important to provide them with subjects that are interesting to them and are engaging to them. It is true that educators cannot expect teens to enjoy all of the important subjects, but they can compensate for the less desirable staples by introducing high-interest subjects that may be equally as important as the less desirable ones. 

According to a report published by Code.org, the popularity of computer science and engineering among teens is second only to the arts among all subjects studied in schools. In addition to being popular with teens, the subject is also relevant to vocational and academic goals, making it desirable for a wide range of people.

Incorporates Other Important Skills

Having a good understanding of computer literacy and science goes beyond coding, computer languages, and cyber security. The process of using a computer requires logic, problem solving, and creativity on the part of the user. It is important for teens to take computer classes so that they can learn both how to use and create technology. 

A class may include the use of specific programs such as email, which also includes learning about proper documentation, spelling, grammar, and professionalism as well as the use of these programs. As a result of the interconnectedness and value of all these skills, jobs that require analytical, critical thinking, and computer skills are among those that are growing fastest.

Computers Are Part of Every Occupational Field

There is no doubt that most jobs these days require some type of computer skills because of the reliance on technology to make work more efficient and error-free through the use of technology. 

It is common for fast food workers to use computerized registers, doctors to use electronic systems in order to maintain patient health records, and even small lawn care businesses have websites or social media pages in order to capture the attention of potential customers. 

It has been estimated that about half of the jobs that pay over $57,000 per year require some knowledge of or skill with computer coding in order to be hired.

Increases Odds of Diversity in the Field

It is important for employers to have a diverse workforce to gain perspectives from people from different backgrounds. It should be noted, however, that some of this diversity in occupations actually begins in high school. 

There is a significant correlation between girls and black or Hispanic students studying computer science in high school and taking it as a major in college and working in a related career as a result. 

During their time in high school, students have the opportunity to gain experience in various occupational skills which they can draw upon when it comes to choosing a career path.

Can Fulfill High School Math or Science Requirements

A large number of states now allow computer science classes to fulfill a math or science requirement for graduation because of the education system’s focus on STEM subjects. In high school, teens are given the opportunity to take charge of their future by taking computer classes and specializing in a subject early on. 

To find out if this is an option in your area, you will have to check with your school counselor to see if it is available to you.

School May Be the Only Point of Access

Despite the fact that most kids have access to the internet at school, there are still many who do not. Students who live in remote rural areas may have limited internet access at home, and they may not be able to access a public library or other location where they can get internet access easily. 

In addition to this, teens from low-income families may also not have access to computers outside of their school hours. The number of kids with internet access at home was only about 61 percent in 2015, according to the Pew Research Center.

Education That Reflects the Real World

A high school education is meant to prepare teens for the responsibilities that come with adulthood. 

Considering the current labor market statistics and the outlook for the future, it makes sense to include computer classes in general secondary education.

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